The number of men choosing to go under the knife and have cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically in recent times.

In fact, according to a report that was released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), the number of males that have made the decision to have cosmetic surgery has increased by a staggering 110 per cent between 2000 and today.

According to anecdotal evidence, the most common type of surgery men decide to undertake is breast reduction, which is largely attributed to binge drinking culture and poor diet. However, this is not the only reason why more and more men are choosing to alter their appearance.

The social media generation

According to Nora Nugent, a Baaps council member, the number of men choosing to undergo an array of cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries – from facelifts to necklifts, tummy tucks to breast augmentation – is most certainly on the rise. And, though the majority of people that undergo surgery are still female, males are quickly catching up.

And a lot of this is to do with the effect of social media.

Men – especially millennials – are increasingly influenced by what they see on their social feeds. A recent CBS report unearthed the fact that many men feel self-conscious because they are presented with an ‘unrealistic’ portrayal of what the average male looks like, and so decide that surgery is the only viable option.

A change in mentality

Another reason behind the rise of male cosmetic surgery is because of an alteration in mentality. It is becoming more and more acceptable for men to care about their appearance. Darren Smith, a cosmetic surgeon based in New York, believes that the ‘taboo’ of male cosmetic surgery is slowly being eradicated, and has determined that is it ‘more acceptable’ for men to do something about it.

And, what’s more, it would appear that the trend is set to increase in the coming years. An article released published in Glamour has attributed the rise in ‘Brotox’ to shows such as Love Island, with Dr Dirk Kremer, a surgeon based in London’s Harley Street, stating that he believes the coming years will see more and more men take the plunge and commit to cosmetic surgeries large and small as such shows become more popular on our screens.

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