Eyelash Extensions And Lash Lifts You Can Rock in 2021

Are you looking for that stunning luscious look? Well, the future of beauty is here. Today, eyelash extensions and lash lifts are the new things in town. They are popular with celebrities and for sure you can secure one at your favorite beauty spa. Due to the popularity, it’s essential to understand what exactly the eyelash extensions offer for you to achieve the look you desire. However, when purchasing one, ensure you’re getting it from a reputable seller such as Sugarlash Pro and many others who have products of good quality and long-lasting.

Lash lifts

Lash lift procedures aim at curling your lashes to achieve the desired curl options. It involves curling your lashes against a silicone shield and perming with a semi-permanent solution. The solution enables them to last up to 6 weeks. After a lash lift, you don’t have to spend those long hours in the mirror trying to fix your lashes; get a touch once a month and you’re good to go.

Types of eyelash extensions

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes, also known as mixed set lashes, consists of classic individual and volume fan lashes. When mixed, they form an ultimate fluffy textured lash. They give a luscious look to those with natural lash gaps. A fully looking lash is what you get from the popular staggered hybrid type of lashes.

If you prefer a denser and darker look that lasts relatively long, a maximum hybrid set of extensions should be your best choice. This is because they last longer than classic sets, and they’re flexible depending on the look you want.

Classic lashes

The classic eyelash also referred to as Individual Eyelash Extensions sets are available in lite, full, and glamour sets.

The lite/half set is perfect if you’re on a tight budget and you prefer your lashes more natural with a little touch. The light touch involves the addition of at most 50% to your natural eyelashes. Most of the lash extension addition for this set concentrates on the corner of your eye, which results in a stunning (cat-eye) natural look.

The full set extension involves the addition of both length and volume while maintaining your beautifully natural look. It consists of adding about 80% to your natural eyelash to give you varied effects: either a cat or doll-eye look.

Glamor sets eyelash extensions to involve the addition of up to 100% to your natural eyelashes. This is suitable if you are looking for a naturally dense and dramatic look.

Volume lashes

Volume extension lashes are available in natural, medium, and max volume extensions depending on the look you intend to achieve. The slender fibers vary in weight, but all of them aim at putting barely any weight on the natural lashes and achieving a super-full looking flash. Tinting and add-ons are part of the procedure to eliminate the need to apply mascara daily to maintain the natural look.

Getting good beauty products comes with confidence and pride. However, remember that you have to protect your lash lifts and eyelash extension products to prevent damages and unnecessary expenses when you have to buy new ones after damages have occurred. For safekeeping, purchase a nice carriage bag to keep your application tools and kits. From leather bags to leather wallets a variety of fancy products exist in the market today. Visit such sellers online to learn more about the appropriate storage bags and choose one that fits your taste.

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