Falsies And Eye Lash Extension

The trend of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is a revolutionary eye makeup style that has sprung up in the past few years and has made its place very quickly. The dream of waking up every day with full, long, feathery, and dark eyelashes is no longer a dream. You don’t have to glob on at least three layers of mascara to get some prominent eyes with curl and voluminous llama eyelashes.

Falsies are also a good option for beautiful fluttery eyelashes while debating the relative merits of lash extensions vs falsehoods; it’s easy to get caught in the intricateness of the contrast. Though, these two choices for eyelash enhancement cannot really be adequately compared, since they are so fundamentally different. Both of these lash types provide an incentive to help you enhance your eyelashes’ overall look. To understand their pros and cons in detail lets understand, some simple facts about these two kinds’ of llama eyelashes.

Significant differences between falsies & lash extensions:

Difference between fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions depends upon three major factors:

  • Their methods of application
  • Their appearance
  • Overall effect they generate
  • Application techniques

Fake lashes are used differently than lash extensions. Falsies typically come with a predetermined group of lashes featuring a strip of adhesive on the back. If you have a stable hand, you should apply it yourself by putting it on or just outside your natural lash line. It can be done quickly in a couple of minutes, but some depend on friends to assist with the operation.

On the other hand, lash extensions are a whole different thing. Every single extension is applied individually, and the entire process can take at least an hour to complete. These extensions are added one at a time and are glued directly to each natural lash. A qualified and certified technician applies these lashes and treats the adhesive carefully to prevent contact with the eyes.

  • Dramatically Different Appearances:

Let’s be realistic, false eyelashes are not a feasible choice for everyday wear. On the other hand, llama eyelashes are the ideal cure for someone who suffers from short, straight or sparse lashes. These are best for those who just need to enjoy perfect lashes every day, with limited daily planning and maintenance.

  • Different Feels:

These two solutions also have their own distinct “feel” after they have been added. Falsies are atypically made of cheap fiber materials. They have a visible weight that can make the lashes appear thicker than normal.


Most of these falsies are made to be worn and then discarded. Lash extensions are much thinner, and fabrics are used to balance human hair’s color and weight. As a result, they are incredibly light. Most women hardly even know that they are present until the application process is done correctly. Llama eyelashes extensions are the ideal day-to-day wear choice for women who do not want to bother with re-applying fake lashes on a daily basis.

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