How to Apply a Mascara like a Professional Makeup Artist

People do not have to be professional makeup artists to create magnificent eyes the can wow everyone. Individuals can get the glamorous look all on their own with the help of a trusty mascara wand. After all, there is a good reason these things are considered a makeup staple. People can put a few swipes, and it can transform a person’s whole look. And with a lot of excellent ways and formulas to apply, the choices are endless. We will take a closer look at the tips and learn how to use mascaras.

Think of it as the finishing touch to the makeup routine. The thing is applied after eyeliner, eye shadows, and other eye makeup is used to complete the overall look. But before we start, it is time to choose the right product. If you are looking for curl, length, volume, or all of the above, this article got you covered. The foolproof technique listed below will work for all and any mascaras.

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Step one: Curl the lashes

Before applying it, use the eyelash curler to lengthen and lift lashes. It will allow the mascara to stick to the eyelashes. Pick one with rounded upper pads to get as close to the eyelash line as possible without even pinching once.

Step two: Use an eyelash primer

Like how you use a primer on the skin before putting a foundation, eyelash primer will provide the mascara with a better-staying power. It will also help separate and thicken eyelashes, prepping them perfectly. Put two coats of primer on tap and bottom lashes and wait 30 seconds before putting a layer of mascara.

Step three: Apply mascara on lower and upper lashes

It sounds pretty silly, but the way people take the wand out of the tube can significantly affect the application. No matter what product people use twist the wand out, wipe off the excess product on the tube’s lid. It will help the user avoid too heavy and clumpy lashes.

Not only that, do not pump the wand in and out of its tube because it can dry out the formula inside. According to experts like Doll Beauty, to apply this thing, look up, place the wand with the formula at the base of the upper lashes, wiggle the wand back and forth, and swipe the lashes’ bottom.

Pull the wand up towards the tip of the eyelashes, making sure that all are covered as you pull through. Make sure to pull it out slowly and carefully to avoid clumping. Apply more coating until you get the look and thickness you want. Do not let the product dry between coatings because it can make it weak and brittle.

When it comes to the bottom part, people will want to be pretty careful not to use too much formula and create clumps. Since the bottom part is usually more delicate than the upper part, clumpy sections will be apparent. To avoid the clumpy area, use the wand’s tip and apply the formula at the eyelashes’ roots, spreading it back and forth using the bristles for even coating.


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