Want to add some drama in your life but tired of surgeries and clinical procedures? Then drama llama is the right place for you to add some painless lash changes in your life. With llama eyelashes, you can try to have the most exotic lash lift look on your face without worrying about expensive procedures.

Drama llama is an online one-stop solution that offers various lashes, from your daily routine look to a dramatic cat eye look. Yes, you heard us right; all of your desired looks in one place only. Llama eyelashes come in various shapes and sizes that will fit every eye type according to their shape.

Following are some types of eyelashes that are being offered by Llama eyelashes exclusively from their page.

  • Baby Llama magnetic lash

Baby llama lashes give you a sweet and cute make-over look and come inadequate size usable for everyone. These lashes usually range from 7mm to 11.5mm.

  • Everyday girl magnetic lash

Want to give yourself an everyday look of lifted eyelashes? Then llama eyelashes got the perfect set of the regular magnetic lash for you. These are wearable lashes for 9-5 working ladies. These come in 10mm size and can be used with any face type.

  • Mama Llama magnetic lash

Desiring to get an extravagant look with some extravagant lashes, then Mama llama will be just perfect for you. To represent glamour and drama with your edgy look, these sparkly Mama llama eyelashes can do wonders. Another various quality of these is that you can easily trim both sides of these lashes. Also, these come in a variety of 10mm to 15mm.

  • Party pants magnetic lash

Why have shorter lashes when your life isn’t? The long party pants aren’t in fashion, but these party pants magnetic lashes are still the talk. Make the best of your party look with these 14.5mm long lashes.

  • Cat-eye magnetic lash

Cat-eye is the most desired eye type of everyone. It’s okay if your lashes aren’t in cat-eye shape, but still, your lashes can be. Yes, you heard it right llama eyelashes also come in a cat-eye form that ranges from 8mm to 12.5 mm in size. Say goodbye to dull eyes and welcome the cat-eye.

  • Wonderland magnetic lash

Desiring a voluminous eyelash isn’t a long wish anymore. Wonderland magnetic lashes offer you highly voluminous lashes with great lengths that can make your eyes stand from everyone. Drama llama offers these lashes in 12.5mm.

  • Sassy Llama Magnetic lash

All the sass can be shown from eyes if wore the right sets of eyelashes. The sass llama magnetic lashes offer not only endless durability and length but also an excellent eye look. These come in the 12mm range.


You can see an extraordinary range of eyelashes for every type of the desired look with drama llama. It goes best with every event. Drama llama offers the best quality product service lashes with very budget-friendly deals. Along with that, they have many discount sales on their page. Visit their website to see more.

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