Link Between CBD And Diabetes – How CBD Helps People with Diabetes?

Although research on CBD is limited, it is used to get relief from symptoms of various health conditions, including diabetes. According to reports, more than 30 million people in America have diabetes. Moreover, 70 million people have pre-diabetic issues.

Research studies are conducted on both humans and animals to look at the effect of CBD on blood glucose, inflammation, insulin, and diabetes risks like pain. In this article, you can know how CBD helps to alleviate symptoms of diabetes or prevent diabetes.

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About diabetes

Diabetes is an uncontrolled increase in the levels of blood glucose. It affects vital organs, nerves, and blood vessels. In general, excess glucose is removed by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. Diabetes is of 2 forms:

Type-1: This kind of diabetes can cause genetically. It begins in childhood and persists into adulthood. It is insulin-dependent diabetes as the pancreas will not produce insulin.

Type-2: Type-2 diabetes is the most common condition seen in many people. It is associated with lifestyle and dietary habits. In this diabetes, an individual will have more insulin levels because the pancreas will produce more insulin to control glucose levels. By this, the cells will exhaust, and the person requires insulin injections.

How CBD helps with diabetes?

The research studies on CBD and diabetes are mixed. Here are a few positive effects of CBD on complications and symptoms of diabetes, they are:


The connection between diabetes and CBD is because of inflammation. Various studies show the relation between insulin resistance and inflammation. Studies have found that insulin resistance triggers chronic inflammation.

According to studies, CBD can reduce inflammation by activating cannabinoid receptors, which suppress inflammation and reduce symptoms of the disease. By this, CBD can help with damages caused by diabetes on the blood vessels’ walls.

Nerve pain

Nerve pain is the primary risk associated with diabetes. In a study, rats having osteoarthritis are given CBD the results show a reduction in nerve damage and pain. It is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Another study found that CBD reduces neuropathic and chronic inflammation caused due to glucose toxicity. In such cases, CBD can also help to reduce the complications of diabetes.

Preventing diabetes

A recent study showed that CBD helps to prevent diabetes by lowering the levels of glucose. These promising results gave hope to people with prediabetes, but still, there is not any clinical study to prove the effect of CBD on diabetes.

Blood glucose

CBD will not affect the levels of blood glucose based on the 2016 research, but THC plays an active role in lowering the levels of blood glucose. Many people who take CBD for diabetes claim CBD is well-tolerated.

HDL cholesterol

A small study conducted in 2016 found that CBD will affect good cholesterol HDL levels like appetite, type-2 diabetes, and insulin sensitivity.

CBD is available in many forms, from tinctures to vape juices, sugar-free gummies, and more. Choose the best store that offers pure CBD products and order today to reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

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