Your Perfect Lashes with Drama Llama Magnetic Eye Lashes 

You might have heard that eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting. To start up your lash game, Drama Llama is here for you. They have brought dramatic magnetic lashes so you can no more only dream about long lashes.

With dramatic magnetic lashes, you can have a complete perfect makeup look. They know that every girl is obsessed with the quest for longer, fuller lashes. So it’s time to ditch your regular falsies and all that messy lash glue situations and make a switch to Dramatic magnetic lashes by Drama Llama.


Glue-free fake lashes not only sound good but is true now as magnetic lashes. These fake lashes attach to your lash line due to teeny-tiny magnets. These lashes are available in various styles, accent lashes to compliment your real lashes and for a glam effect, full strip lashes.


There was a time when every girl had the only option of false lashes to look her lashes longer and fuller. There is always a messy condition with lash glue if it did not dry clear or did not adhere the lashes well. On the other side, Magnetic lashes, due to tiny magnets stick correctly to your lash line.


Even for the sensitive eyes, Dramatic magnetic lashes by Drama Llama are entirely safe. Their dramatic magnetic lashes are dermatologically tested and are formulated without parabens, and the magnets will not affect your skin and eyes at all.

You have to be sure to properly clean your dramatic magnetic lashes after each use and using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover will suffice. You can wear one set of lashes ten times.


Magnetic lashes involve two strips of lashes, one above and one below your real lashes. To put on these magnetic lashes is as easy as 1-2-3. To apply magnetic lashes, the first thing you must do is to choose the right type of magnetic lashes, as these lashes come in different intensities based on how dramatic you want your lashes to look. Thus, you can choose between plenty of options.

That does not mean you should ditch your mascara because you are wearing magnetic lashes. Just like with false lashes, a coat of mascara is needed to blend your magnetic lashes with real lashes for a natural look.

  • Do not forget to trim the strap of your magnetic lashes according to your real lashes’ actual shape and length for a perfect fit. For an easy and manageable application, you can also cut lash strap into halves or thirds.
  • Now, in the most crucial step, to apply magnetic lashes, you can use a tweezer or your fingers, whatever you are comfortable with.
  • First, place the lash strip on top of your real lashes, aligned with the lash line and then gently place the bottom lash strip under your lashes. Magnets will connect, and your lashes will attach correctly.
  • You can try this again by simply removing and applying again, for a perfect alignment with your lash line.


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