5 Questions You Should Ask About Concealed Carry Shirts


There are a lot of questions about a concealment shirt. First, you need to determine whether you can afford the purchase. It’s essential to make sure you can afford it and that it won’t put you in debt. It’s also important to consider what else you can make with your spending on it. Finally, it would be best to consider what you plan to use the concealment shirt for.

The qualities and advantages of concealment shirts are numerous. Some people keep a gun hidden, while others make it more obvious. While some concealing shirts are constructed of heavy fabric, others are breathable. Many of these shirts feature a drawstring closure and a concealed carry pocket.


If you’re a concealed carry enthusiast, you need to find a shirt that is both comfortable and concealable. Many concealment shirts have two built-in holsters for a concealed handgun. These holsters are universally sized, allowing them to fit most self-defense handguns. The holsters are made of a unique 4-way stretch MicroPoly/Lycra fabric blend, soft to the touch, wicking, and durable.

Comfortable concealment shirts can be worn on or off duty, allowing easy access to your firearm. These shirts can come in left- or right-hand models and different sizes. Some are constructed with flat-lock seams, which reduce friction between the sweater and your concealed handgun.


When it comes to concealment shirts, you need one that is durable and comfortable. These items are usually made of heavy-weight pre-shrunk cotton. They are made to resist tearing and are designed to reduce friction while wearing. They will also keep your gun out of the way without restricting movement.

The best concealment shirts feature multiple pockets to keep your handgun and magazines safe. The bags are typically placed on both sides of the shirt. Some brands even have additional velcro on the pockets to help hold the handgun firmly. Another great feature is that they have a lifetime warranty.

Some concealment shirts feature reinforced fabric, allowing them to carry more weight. A heavier gun is more difficult to conceal, so reinforced shirts are ideal. Also, they have textured weaves and prints that help you hide your weapon better.


Quality concealment shirts should be made of high-quality material which is breathable and moisture-wicking. A concealment shirt should also be affordable. You want to spend less on concealment clothes, especially if you have other things to buy. You should also ask yourself what to use the concealment shirt for.

A concealment shirt that features concealed pockets will be helpful for concealed carry. You can wrap or hide items in them, allowing you to feel confident in the event of an attack. In addition, some concealment shirts feature multiple pockets that can hold small or oversized items. Getting a concealment shirt that doesn’t have a long hem is also advisable since long hems make it hard to get at your weapon quickly.


Printing a gun on concealment shirts can raise eyebrows. Some firearms instructors argue that the presence of gun printing on concealment clothing makes concealed carriers an easy target. The principle is that criminals seek to take out the most significant threat first. Therefore, wearing gun prints on your shirt would be the equivalent of hanging a sign saying, “shoot me first!”

Printing on the shirt can easily expose the firearm if it is too tight. The general public will not notice a printing if the shirt is loose. However, proper concealment can protect you against interactions with people who may see.

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