A Guide to Successfully Wearing Summer Shorts

Summer’s here and you’re looking forward to enjoying the warm weather. The thought of wearing shorts can fill men with dread, but with the right tips, you can ensure you look great. Shorts are an essential for summer, so if you don’t know where to start, follow our guide and save yourself from fashion faux pas.

Find Your Style

You need to feel confident and comfortable, so choose shorts that reflect your style. Some men prefer the more streetwear style of shorts, and some opt for a more tailored look. Denim is great for casual dressers, and conservative dressers should go for cotton shapes.

Think About Your Shape

We all want to remain in fashion, but think about your body shape before buying the “must-have” pair of shorts. Darker shades make your thighs thinner, and bold prints disguise thin legs. It’s never too late to get in shape. These leg exercises will broaden your style options.

Find the Right Length

You can experiment with the style of your shorts, but never the length. We all know what will happen if you go too short, but too long is an issue too. Aim for above your knee but below your thigh.

Ditch the Cargo

With shorts, there are some no-go areas. One of them is cargo shorts, and another is bright orange and yellow colours. Consider where you’re going and the impression you want to give.

Remember Trends

Every season different trends emerge, and it’s important to take note of them. This summer vertical stripes and pink shades are popular for men. You should also consider which outfits you’ll be wearing with your shorts. For inspiration visit a site such as to look at selections of mens designer shirts.

Don’t Ditch the Socks

It’s fine to leave the socks behind if you’re on the beach or wearing sandals, but in general you shouldn’t forget them. Invisible and trainer socks are perfect for shorts, but ditch long socks to avoid the dad look.

Swim Shorts

If you’re planning on wearing swim shorts on land, then it can work if you do it properly. Don’t wear bold patterns and stick to neutral colours. Classic dark shades with vertical stripes will work best. Floral patterns and Hawaiian prints are best left to the poolside.

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