Things You Can Do With Embroidery Thread

There are some craft items that pull double duty, and then there is embroidery thread or floss. This is much more than a thread to make pretty embroidered items. Here’s a look at multiple ways you can use this versatile thread.

Make Jewelry explains that thread is perfect for wrapping metal posts and hoops to create a unique pair of earrings. You can also use the thread to create other items, such as bracelets or necklaces, using the wrapping technique.

Create Tassels

Tie a bunch of threads together at one end, snip the other end, and you have a tassel that you can use almost any way you want. Tassels can tie on zippers for a cute new pull or attach to cardstock to make a bookmark. The ideas are almost endless.

Use in Nail Art

Nail art is getting incredibly creative, so why not combine a love of embroidery with a love for pretty nails. You can create a range of designs with the string to get a look that is completely your own.

Craft a Dream Catcher

Embroidery threads are the perfect choice of material to use when making dream catchers. Plus, they come in such a range of colors that you could design a dram catcher for every taste.

Spice Up a Map

You may have never thought of embroidering a map, but it can create a great focal piece or gift. Simply use a needle and a thread to mark places you’ve been or travel paths that you’ve taken.

Be Practical with Hangers

One practical yet still pretty way to use embroidery thread is to wrap hangers. This not only looks good but also makes them slip-resistant. You can get cheap hangers and dress them up by wrapping  them with whatever color thread you want.

Bottom Line

There are so many things that you can do with embroidery thread that go beyond the standard patterns on cloth. Get creative and see where you can go with your embroidery skills.



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