Top Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends to Expect

The year is drawing to a close, which means people already have an eye out for the newest trends to expect in 2020. The fashion industry is expected to bring some unique changes for spring/summer next year and if you want to keep up, here are some of the trends you should expect:

  • Tangerine

One color that’s expected to reign supreme next year is none other than tangerine. Many designers are injecting this shade into their collections for the New Year and there is no bolder way for people to brighten up than with this shade.

  • Short shorts

As per the latest trends, next summer will be all about showing off your legs as designers have come up with the tiniest of shorts. There are all kind of options in material, such as denim and leather, but the length remains short no matter what material you go with.

  • Crypto clothing

Another popular trend that can be seen is that of crypto clothing. The crypto industry is a popular one these days and it is having a strong impact on many other markets. Fashion is no exception as numerous brands have introduced their version of crypto clothing and are expected to come up with more.

  • The spring boot

The sandal game for next spring includes lace-up gladiators, but the most surprising footwear trend was the boot. A number of designers have accessorized their spring collections for 2020 with what was previously deemed footwear appropriate for the winter.

  • Polka dots

It is time to send your florals packing for next spring because polka dots have made a comeback. They can be seen all over the catwalk. They seem to be taking the pride of place, whether you are looking for something to wear for a night out or for nightwear.

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