8 Creative Proposal Ideas That Your Future Spouse Will Love

Asking your beloved to marry you is one of the most beautiful moments in life. And for many of us, we want to make our proposal as memorable and romantic as possible. While you’re browsing for affordable engagement and wedding rings, why not start thinking about how you’re going to propose as well?

Do you see all those cute proposal videos on Facebook and wish you had their creativity? Stop wishing and start doing. With some unique proposal ideas, you are sure to get a ‘yes’ from your beloved.

These sources of inspirations may get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Propose with a furry friend

Has your partner been bugging you for a puppy or kitty for quite a while now? Why not make their wish come true with a proposal on top? Adopt a furry friend, and with their help, you can get a few happy tears and that sweet ‘yes.’

  1. During a vacation

Go on that vacation that you and your partner have always been planning to go to. They may think nothing of it; just a simple couple vacation, but they won’t know you have a surprise up your sleeve. After that, the destination of your proposal vacation will always hold a special place in your heart.

  1. On top of a mountain

If you and your partner are fond of hiking, why not go for a mountaintop proposal? Reaching the summit will be more memorable if you pop the question right then and there–and will make for fantastic proposal photos.

  1. Throwback date

Ask your beloved to go on a date with you to the place where you had your first date or even your first kiss. While you’re going down memory lane, get on one knee and propose in the place where your love story began.

  1. Surprise party

Enlist the help of you and your partner’s friends and families for a surprise party. If there is no occasion coming up, your sweetheart will be thoroughly confused. That is until you reveal the ultimate question. In this way, you can have an engagement party right away with everyone present.

  1. Sneaky proposal

Attach the ring to your partner’s keychain and see how long it takes them to notice. Once they do, ask them to marry you on the spot. Sweet and simple.

  1. Restaurant proposal

A restaurant proposal may be overrated and overused, but it remains as one of the top choices for proposal venues. If you want to go for the more classic route, book a date at a fancy restaurant and pop the question by dessert time.

  1. Encore

Schedule a date to watch a local gig or a stage play performance. Little does your significant other know you have asked the performers to help you out with the proposal after the show. It’s a bit public, but then again, a lot of people will be celebrating with you.

Are you finally ready to pop the question? Plan it carefully and you will surely make the day memorable.

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