Caring for Leather Goods

When it comes to fashion accessories, leather has long been a valued material for its natural beauty and rugged durability. Anything from top brand purses to simple wallets, from ornately tooled belts to decorative key rings can be mad of leather. When you buy leather accessories, you expect them to last. Taking good care of your items will help ensure their longevity. A few key steps can go a long way.

Everyday Care

As you use your leather accessories, it’s important to handle them with some care. They are durable, but they are also a natural skin product, which means they can be stretched out or scratched. Leather also prefers not to get overly wet. Be sure not to stretch your leather items out — do not over stuff bags or wallets, and do not stretch a belt too tightly when buckling. Use caution when wearing clothing or jewelry that has sharp metal edges to avoid gouges in your leather goods. As you use your items, inspect them from time to time for signs of wear or cracking. If these develop, be sure to give them some extra TLC.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Leather should not be washed, but a damp cloth with no soap is great for keeping your leather clean on a regular basis. Use a leather conditioner every few months to keep it soft. These will moisturize your leather items, offering protection from cracking. If you’d like to maintain a shine on your leather, you can give it a good polish whenever it has dulled too much. Opinions on waterproofing leather are divided, but for some items, such as snow boots, it can be worthwhile.


Some leather accessories will not be used on a daily basis, so they’ll need to be stored. Basic advice for storing leather is to keep it away from direct heat or sunlight, and to store it in a location where there is air circulation. If your leather accessory has a specific shape, such as a purse or a pair of boots, using balls of newspaper can help them keep their shape while not in use. Shoe trees are a great way to store unused shoes.

Leather is a fashion staple in many people’s wardrobes. Whether you are wearing or carrying your leather accessories, they can last a lifetime with proper care and storage. They are a beautiful and durable choice for many types of accessories.


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