Celebrity Sunglasses Spotter – LeAnn Rimes & Rihanna

LeAnn Rimes has been “talk of the town” recently due to her drastic weight loss. Everyone seemed a little bothered by photos of the singer in a two-piece bikini showing off nothing but skin and bones. But on a more recent encounter with the paparazzi, LeAnn was seemed very happy and in love. She was seen with beau Eddie Cibrian, cheering on the actor’s son as he played football in LA. The couple looked very happy together, even stealing a few hugs in between goals and cheers. LeAnn claims that “she’s a bonus mum to the boys.”

The singer was all laidback in her skinny jeans and tank top. She was also spotted in a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. The classic Ray-Ban frames look great on a wide range of face shapes. It’s also sure to complement different outfits and moods. And if you’re feeling a little playful, you can explore new lens colours to suit your taste.

If geeks are in, then Rihanna is definitely a trendsetter! America’s Rude Girl has gone Paris chic as she was seen at the LAX airport last week in a stylishly eccentric fashion ensemble. Rihanna wore a simple, loose white tee from French designer Celine. She paired it with a black maxi skirt and open-toed sandals. The highlight of her outfit was her geeky spectacles. She wore a beautiful pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses with thick black frames. It could have looked uncanny on other people but on the singer, there’s no doubt that it looked great and even high fashion.

Aside from Rihanna, other stars who have been sporting the geek eyeglasses include Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt who had the exact same pair of eyewear.

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