Common Misconceptions about Jockstraps

Men’s jockstraps were invented in 1874 in Chicago. This was made for men when they do exercise, to help support and protect their genitals. Its design concept includes a cup or pouch in front that covers the male organ and protects it from any outward force. This is important when men engage in highly physical sports like basketball, cricket, football, and baseball. Due to its popularity and the significance of its purpose, jockstraps have gained additional support and protective features intended for other sports activities. This type of men’s garment, however, does not go without any misconceptions. The following are some of them:

Jockstraps don’t allow for airflow

Remember that jockstraps are designed for men who do sports activities which means it has to handle sweating. That is why the jockstrap cups have holes in them for air to flow freely. Apart from the holes, jockstraps are also made of fabric that absorbs sweat, making them more comfortable for men and for them to focus more on the game.

Jockstraps are not intended for the bedroom

Jockstraps have several variants. There are those that carry some fabric in the pouch area to make it softer. The design itself is highly erotic and it can help enhance male sex appeal. Its visibility is unsurpassed when it comes to stoking sexiness in an evening with your partner.

Jockstraps are heavy

Jockstraps come encumbered with supporters which are made up of hard material to control the movement of the organ while doing strenuous exercise or sports activities. The supporters are designed to give protection, but this does not have anything to do with heavy weight. Such supporters are still lightweight yet tough to take in any outward force.

Jockstraps tend to poke the male organ

Jockstraps might poke up men down there if they wear jockstraps that are not of their size. However, if you are precise with the size of your jockstraps this won’t be a problem. They are also made of fabrics that are moisture-wicking and breathable which make this undergarment comfortable for men. The waistband won’t be too wide or too narrow if it is just the right size.

Jockstraps are expensive

The price of the underwear you’re wearing depends on the brand. Some brands can be expensive, but it does not mean that you can find those that are not. Look for the brand that can offer you an affordable rate for the jockstraps without sacrificing its fabric, comfort, style, and overall quality.

Jockstraps can cause testicular hernia

This is the most common misconception about jockstraps that due to the tightness in the genital area this may lead to hernia. On the contrary since jockstraps control excessive bouncing down there, it could prevent hernia from occurring.

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