Corduroy Trousers – Season’s Key Fashion Trend For Men

Picking trousers of right fabric can be a hectic job if you are not updated with the current trend. As per the necessity, fashion trends also change with time, but it’s the sheer brilliance of a designer that brings a new product in the market which can fit the needs of the consumer. Now Corduroy trousers for men have been around for some time and is slowly catching up the other trends. Read below to know about it in detail:

What is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a type of fabric which has a tufted yet soft appearance. On the surface, it would seem like several cords are laid parallel and then stitched together. It is derived from fustian fabric.  It looks quite like velvet having raised area called piles. The other technical term you need to know about is Wale. It represents the width of the fabric. Fabric with less wale number are thicker and are more apt for men’s trousers.

Types of Men’s Corduroy trousers

There are only a few types of Corduroy trousers for men, but the modern designers are trying to innovate and create something which suits everyone’s taste.


People are familiar with cargo pants, but Corduroy is not generally associated with it. It is a type of trousers which young men would be interested in. They are baggy, and they look great on thinner men. They have pockets on each side of the thigh and are available in various colours.


People who are a bit traditional will obviously like this one. It is a type of the classic pleated fit, but they are more like a straight leg pant with pleats on the front. The best part is that men of all sizes can wear it and it also comes in many colours.

How to buy a right Corduroy trouser for you?

Wales type

It is one of the important factors when you choose Corduroy trouser for you. There three variations of wales: Standard, Dyed, and Pincord. Each one is meant for a different purpose.

  • Standard: This type consists of 11 wales in every inch. The range of colours available will impress you and as mentioned above its durability is good. This is usually used for casual pants. Tall or thin men can pull in this one.
  • Pincord: This type consists of 16 or more wales per inch. It feels really soft and almost like velveteen. These are best for men with a larger size as it is thin and don’t want to you look hefty.
  • Pigment-Dyed: There isn’t any specific number of wales which are present in each inch of this fabric. As you can understand by the name that it is made by dying the material with pigment dyes. This is best for the vintages trousers which is among the latest fashion trends.

Make sure to check size chart twice

Do refer to the size chart before you order your trouser as it can vary with different brands.

Colour you are looking for

With black, you can never go wrong, but if you want others to notice your trouser, then try different colours. You will easily get brown, black, tan, dark blue and olive colour in this.

It’s great to have one of these pants in your wardrobe as it looks stylish yet very durable. Its durability factor makes it stand tall in front of the other trousers in the market. So what are you waiting for, rock this season with a pair of Corduroy pants!

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