Easy Eyelash Care Tips By Drama Llama

Long lashes are an excellent way to beautify your dramatic eyes. They instantly elevate your look and enhances your features to make you look superb. Some are ready to do anything under the sun to gain exotic long lashes by applying mascara, and of course, llama eyelashes extension. In contrast, some lucky girls are gifted with a beautiful set of long and thick lashes.

If you have been craving to improve your lashes’ volume and length for years, believing that is an impossible thing, change your mind. We understand your woes to help you make your dream come true. Using natural ways, maybe a few ingredients from your kitchen, too, you can get those beautiful lashes. It can take approximately three months to a year for the lashes to regrow if the follicles are not dead. The factors are aging, stress, hormonal imbalance, and dry skin near the lid that can cause your priced possession to fall.

Home remedies can grow your lashes back without any side effects so that you can flaunt your thick and long lashes. Here we go with the natural tips to gets back fuller, fluttery lashes in no time.

a)        Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most esteemed remedies for hair growth and skin care. It has been used for ages to treat skin burns, remove wrinkles, and stop your hair from premature greying. It accelerates hair growth five times as compared to any other elements.

The best application method would be to use cold-pressed castor oil and brush or cotton swabs. Clean your eyes well before applying the oil with a mild cleanser and pat them dry. Apply the oil on the upper and lower lash line before going to bed every day. Wash it in the morning.

1.Coconut oil

Coconut oil has deep permeating powers trapping the protein; it aids in providing moisture to the skin and hair.

Clean your lashes with a mild soap before you head towards your bed. Dip a mascara wand or cotton swabs into extra virgin coconut oil, apply it onto your lashes and wash it in the morning. This procedure will provide conditioning to your lashes, preventing them from falling, adding tons of volume to your lashes.

2. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer; we use it wholeheartedly for our dry lips and skin in the winters. This characteristic makes Vaseline suitable for application on the lash line. It keeps the lash line soft and hydrated.

If you use it during the day before applying eye makeup like mascara, it will assist in easy removal and prevent the lashes from becoming dry and brittle.

3. Massage and Vitamin E oils

Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidation agent that can aid in hair loss by minimizing oxidative damage. Massage this oil gently with your fingertips. Witness the wonders of this marvelous tonic in the form of thick and long lashes.


Drama llama loves to work on naturally grown, healthy and strong lashes. The more volume you have, the better results you can have with the llama eyelashes extensions.

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