Gifting Guide for Fashion Lovers

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Then comes Black Friday. Finally, Christmas will end this billion dollar season that retailers love. If fashion comes natural to you, then you know what to get the ultimate fashionista. But if fashion is not your thing, then you may need a bit of help. Do you get boots, a handbag, long sleeve performance shirts, or simply a gift card to their favorite store?

If you are a bit confused on what to gift to someone who loves high end brands but you cannot afford those price tags, opt in for designer spaghetti pasts. I know. It sounds weird. It technically is not fashion. But some of the most legendary fashion houses in the world this time of the year create some of the most unique type of products. Hand wrapped spaghetti pasta is a thing and is perfect for someone that is obsessed with big brand names.

Teardrop earrings are some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry a fashionista can own. You can find these at almost any retailer and definitely online. They come in a variety of prices, so they work for everyone’s budget. They come in either silver or gold and sometimes bold colors too.

A customized necklace with someone’s name in it may come off as a cheesy gift but these gifts are so thoughtful. Plus, they are extremely cheap. If you have a child on your gifting giving list that like necklaces get them a custom one with their name in it.

You can never go wrong with gifting leather. Leather goods are authentic and long lasting. This is a gift they will have for years to come. Leather goods includes handbags, luggage, boots, coats and almost anything you can think of. Every fashion girl always enjoys a nice leather bag. Even a leather clutch or crossbody will be the ideal gift.

Pajamas are one of the best gifts to give to someone. We all need them. We all wear them. And we all can never have too many pajamas. This time of year don’t we all just love to curl up in our pajamas and dream a cup of coffee or tea. Gift them silk pajamas or flannel pajamas to keep them warm during these coming winter months.

Since we are on the topic of sleepwear, a robe would be another similar good gift. Robes are the best thing to put on after getting out of the shower. Or they may just be the essential added layer of warmth you wear when you want to be cozy. Either way we are sure someone on your gifting list would love to have a robe this Christmas.

Sweaters may seem so cliché but you never can have too many. Sweaters are good to layer underneath a warm coat. You can buy them in different colors, styles and by different brands. By the way, gifting someone a sweater will go great with a leather good gift as well.

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