Makeup to complement six shades of green

Green clothing comes in a huge variety of shades and there is a colour to suit the vast majority of skin tones. The trick to wearing green well is finding the best shade for you and complementing it with your makeup. Fairer skins usually work with darker shades of green whilst darker skin tones look fantastic with light and bright greens.

Jade green

Wearing jade makes a statement. This beautiful bright colour stands out and adds a sense of drama to an occasion. This sort of look is perfect with a low key nude but glossy lip and a striking dark smoky eye. For tips on a smoky eye look, try this article in Cosmopolitan.

Lime green

Lime outfits make an impact and you’ll need confidence to pull it off. However, if you go for a green maxi dress then lime lends a fresh, zingy look perfect for spring. In terms of makeup, a nude matte lip will finish the look whilst a very voluminous eyelash complements the zesty clothing choice. If you’d like a playful but contemporary contrast to the lime then line the lower eye with a metallic purple.

Forest green

For a glamorous and timeless look forest green is the perfect hue to choose. Ideal for a green maxi dress to wear to a formal event, this shade will be complemented by subtly smoky eye makeup and a soft deep red lipstick.

Mint green

A great way to use green for a girly and ethereal look is to opt for a mint shade, which can be embellished with lace, beads or embroidery to take it to the next level. The best makeup to wear with pretty mint coloured clothing would be soft pinks, such as rose blusher and glossed lips for a natural look.

Olive green

Whilst olive green is often overlooked due to military overtones, it can create a striking look. This is especially true if worn by a redhead as it is so flattering. When matched with a winged eye makeup, matte red lip and bronzer it will look very glamorous.

Emerald green

The rich emerald shade of green works well with most skin tones and the jewel-like hue is perfect for a special function. By using a dark red lip colour and gold eye makeup you will have a strong and classic look.


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