Metal Zipper

Zippers can come in different shapes, colors and materials. However, the most common are metal ones, and the Zipper Shipper has everything you might need in textile and craft supplies.

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Admittedly, we hardly ever pay attention to the zippers on our clothes or the things we wear. We take them for granted. But the truth is, zippers are an amazing piece of engineering. It uses a gear mechanism that joins its teeth thanks to a straight and continuous force.

Did you know that Google made a zipper doodle to celebrate 100 years of zippers being patented?

A little bit of history of the Zipper

The zipper was invented by Elias Howe in 1851 and was later optimized by Whitcomb L. Judson who also patented it.

At first it was created to be used in pieces of footwear and boots but over the years, their use and operation increased, until today: zippers are used in a wide variety of objects and garments, not only in the textile area.

Its main function is to open and close two parts of the same garment or object.

There are a wide variety of zippers, they come in different colors and sizes, and depending on their material they can have different uses.

Types of Zippers

In general there are three types of zippers. What sets them apart is the material from which the teeth or gears are made.

  • Of polyester.
  • Of metal.

The Metal Zippers are mainly made with brass material, they are characterized by their great resistance and their decorative finish.

Their chain can have different dimensions of length and width.

Although they are mainly made of brass material, there are quite a variety of materials such as silver, bronze, old gold, new gold.

They can also be combined with the color of the fabric band, although the most used colors are black, beige, white and brown.

Metal Zippers are characterized by their great resistance and their decorative finish.

The chain can have different dimensions of length and width.

The metal zipper options of Zipper Shipper

The metal zipper options of Zipper Shipper are very varied. There you will find zippers made with different types of metal.

  • Aluminium metal zippers
  • Antique brass metal zippers
  • Antique nickel metal zippers
  • Brass metal zippers
  • Nickel metal zippers

With this variety of zippers made with different metal materials, you can meet all the needs of your company or your customers.

Zipper Shipper is a company with extensive experience in the market and offers payment facilities as well as very comfortable and reliable shipping options.

You can access their website and see all the supplies they have to offer, because they not only have metal zippers, but also different plastics and nylon. Everything you are looking for in one place.

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