Tips on How to Mix and Match Your Suit Pieces

Suits are vital in any man’s wardrobe. At least one formal suit should be in your closet ready anytime you need to wear one. But if you have several different pieces, then you can mix and match them to come up with different looks. Investing in at least one bespoke suit is one of the most worthwhile expenses you will ever have. It will be one of the most comfortable items of clothing you will ever wear, because the tailor will create it based on your body measurements, so it fits you snugly. Here are some mixing and matching style tips for your suit pieces.


This is a term prevalent among Italian men. It means splitting up suit pieces and matching them with other pieces. They pair the trousers from a suit with the jacket from another suit and make it look effortlessly stylish. But pulling off as pezzato means that you can also make a bold statement out of the mismatched pieces that you pick from different suits.

Suit jacket

The suit jacket is an essential piece of a suit. It can come in different types: single or double-breasted, two or three-button, andin different fabrics. Light fabric for the hot summer days and a heavier fabric for the winter should always be in your closet. You can pair a dark-coloured jacket with a pair of beige pants and brown shoes and still look well put-together. This look is appropriate for casual events or even a workday.


A pair of jeans in the winter and chinos in the summer should be your staples. Your trousers should be of a proper fit, because they will bring your outfit to life, regardless of the colour of your suit jacket. If it’s too hot in the summer and you don’t feel like wearing socks, you can roll the hem of your trousers up to show your ankles.


You can have multiple shirts in different colours to match with your suit jacket and trousers. One basic rule for formal wear is to wear a light-coloured shirt. Dark coloured ones are for less formal settings like an after-party or a dinner party. Make sure that your shirt cuffs are of the right length, such that they show past the cuff of your suit jacket. You don’t have to match the colour of your shirt to your trousers or jacket; as long as they all go well together, then you are good to go. You can opt to wear a necktie, a bowtie or just open the neck for a more relaxed and comfortable look.

Wearing a ‘broken suit’ gives you more freedom to express yourself by way of dressing. You also get to extend your suit wardrobe, and you don’t have to spend any more money on another suit. Pick classic colours that are easier to match with each other, and maybe pick one or two loud colours for days when you feel like being extra expressive with your outfit.

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