Tips to Ensure Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If you want to highlight the features around your eyes, then eyelash extensions are the way to go. Throwing these into the mix would save you from spending too much time on other aspects of your morning makeup routine. These extensions can be coated with mascara for a natural look, and they do not fall off as easily as falsies. However, that is not to say that one should not take steps to be cautious and take good care of them as they are worn. If you are looking for longevity, then you will want to remember the following tips to ensure your eyelash extensions last longer.

Durations to Keep in Mind

The duration that lash extensions last could vary. They might last as long as your natural lashes, which typically last six to eight weeks. (Twenty lashes is the average amount of lost each week.) Keratin lash lifts can last up to eight weeks. Meanwhile, five weeks is the average lifespan for classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions, and hybrid lash extensions. These can last longer depending on how well you take care of them.

Once the eyelash extensions are applied, you need to give the glue time to set in. Water would make it come off, so it is best to avoid splashing water onto your face. For 24 to 48 hours, try not to wash your face in the sink. And if you take a shower, keep your face away from the shower faucet.

Facial Care

Speaking of water, you should refrain from using waterproof mascara if you choose to keep using mascara while wearing extensions. Waterproof mascara would clump your lashes, slashing through their lifespan. You could even use eyelash sealant as a substitute for mascara. The hyaluronic serum within it would act as an effective conditioner for the lashes.

Oil can break bonds in glue, causing the lashes to fall off. So if you’re a regular user of oil-based creams, then you should steer clear of the area around the eyes. If you must use makeup remover for anything around the eyes such as eyeliner, then make sure it is oil-free, and dab softly with a wipe or cotton swab. You can also wipe your eyelids with a wet towelette or cleaning wipe. Just be careful and make sure you are not using anything dry.

Keep The Lashes in Shape

When selecting the extensions that may suit you best, choose ones that match the natural curl of your normal lashes. Curly extensions will have a short lifespan if your natural lashes are straight. It is also worth noting that keratin lash lifts have a semi-permanent curl, though you would, of course, want to see whether that curl is in line with your natural curl. You should also comb the lashes regularly to prevent clumping. In the morning and at night, roll a clean mascara spoolie wand over the lashes. Do not play with your lashes, as it could result in natural lashes or bits of the extensions falling off. When you go to sleep, lie on your back rather than your side or front in order to prevent any damage to the extensions.

Lash Extension Life Extension

If you follow these tips, then your lash extensions are guaranteed to last a while, whether it be their individual averages or a little while beyond. It all depends on how well you take care of them. You might have to make slight adjustments to your daily routine, but it shouldn’t be very difficult. The more you put these steps into practice, the easier it will be, and the longer the lashes will last. If you have any further questions regarding lash extensions, you can contact Selena’s Lash Studio, and they will provide you with the information that you need.

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