Tips to Make Your Infant Sleep Better

Babies are the living gods, and as a parent, you need to pay more attention to handling them and make them sleep well. Handling the crying baby will make parents exhaust and lead to a high risk of obesity or sudden infant death because of improper sleeping practices. To make your infant sleep well, the baby swaddle is the best option, and people are practicing it since the olden days. It is the procedure to wrap the babies in a thin cloth or blanket to make them feel the mother’s touch, and they feel like staying safe in the womb and enhance the skin-to-skin touch. It is preferable to swaddle during the naps and night-time sleep.

The major benefits of swaddling the babies are:

  • It helps your little ones to sleep for a long time, calms them, prevents frequent wake-up, and eases the transition phase for them.
  • You need to select the swaddle in a perfect fit depending on your baby’s age to avoid inconvenience for them.
  • Aids in increasing the rapid eye movement for them, which helps to stimulate brain development.
  • Preventing the infants from scratching themselves with their hands and controls the body temperature.
  • Reduce the startle reflex, fussiness, and colic in babies.

When using the swaddle, always keep your baby to sleep on their back, don’t keep the loose blanket as it may cause the suffocation risk, and place the baby crib in a smoke-free area. You should not swaddle them above the shoulders, especially the neck and head. As the baby gets temperature rises, always monitor it to avoid overheating. It prevents the baby from turning towards their stomach, which may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

The baby swaddle is the perfect gifting option for your friends or relative baby shower. While choosing the swaddling cloth, you need to consider the size of the baby, convenience to use material, sizes, and elasticity. Most people prefer the square size and the material lightweight to comfort the baby and for free movement.

It is advisable to purchase online and you can browse from the wide variety of products for selection. By filtering all options and reading the reviews or description, choose the trusted brand with high-quality. While purchasing, ensure that you are choosing the swaddling cloth which gives more comfort and safety to your baby. Breathable materials like cotton, muslin wraps are much preferable, and they are available depending on the infant’s age.

You can cover your babies securely and while purchasing the swaddling cloth, you will get all the instructions handy. Parents should not cover the baby too tight, and their hips need to be loosened to make their legs move free. It is advisable to stop swaddling once your infant roll and mostly it will happen in less than six months.

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