What You Should Know About Holsters

Holsters offer a convenient way to conceal your handgun. Here are some frequently asked questions that can give you a better understanding of these carrying devices.

Are the Parts Replaceable?

Most of them have replaceable parts. You will need to know the size and style of your holster to order the correct replacement parts.

What’s the Difference Between Holsters?

There are many different brands and styles on the market. The main difference between each one is what material is used. Additionally, each holster will have unique features that make it appealing to different audiences.

Do Ankle Holsters Include a Calf Strap?

Most ankle holsters do not come with a calf strap. This is an accessory that you will need to purchase separately.

Can You Order a Different Color Snap?

For most brands, the answer is yes. You can often choose between brass, silver, or black snaps for your holster.

Do Some Come With a Belt Loop and a Boot Clip?

Most holsters do not come with both of these options. Some may come with two belt loops on either side of the holster. However, this is designed to be worn on either the inside or outside of your pants.

Can They All Be Put On a Shoulder Rig?

If you stay within your brand, they will all fit on a shoulder rig. For instance, if you have a Desantis shoulder harness, any of the Desantis holsters should work.

Can You Adjust the Tension Screws?

On holsters with tension screws, you can adjust them. In fact, you will want to keep them tight, so they do not fall out. If you are wearing your holster daily, be sure to tighten these screws several times a week.

How Do You Feed a Belt Through a Hip Holster?

Your belt will come with either one or two loops on the side of your holster. Pull these loops off the carrying portion and feed your belt underneath them.

How Do You Determine Which Size Belt You Need?

Measure your favorite belt from the center hole to the inside of the buckle. Add 2 inches to your order to accommodate for the holster.

How Do You Know What Size Holster to Order?

The size of your holster is for the gun you are carrying. Some will be specific, such as with a Glock. Others will just be based on the overall size of your pistol.

If you are going to conceal your handgun, a holster is a good way to go. Make sure that you know some facts about these devices before purchasing one.


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