Why do we love jeans?

Who does not love a great fitting pair of jeans? It is not always easy to find the right partner, but once you do, they will see you right through thick and thin, our favourite clothes become great companions. Here are a few more reasons why the whole world has so much love for the humble denim:

  1. They are so easy

Jeans have been an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe due to ease of use. You can dress jeans in any way; the options are limitless. You can pair jeans with a sweater, t-shirt, hoodie, shirt or blazer – any and every colour will go with them. For a range of Mish Mash Clothes, visit

  1. They are comfortable

When you find the ‘one’, they will fit you like a glove and be very comfortable. They may not be the best choice in the winter, but for about 80% of the rest of the year, they are ideal for any occasion and slipped on like a comfortable old pair of slippers.

  1. They offer versatility like no other

The fact that they are so easy to style makes them the most versatile piece of clothing we can own. Regular denim provides the perfect retro look, while a light wash can give you an 80s vibe. Black or indigo can take you right through the day to a night look with ease. Combine that with the fact that jeans go with almost anything and your clothing choices are endless.

  1. They are immortal

Jeans have been around for decades and look set to stay with us until the end of time. Trends may come and go but the fact remains simple denim jeans are still with us in a variety of styles and designs.

  1. Mix it up

There is an amazing amount of different washes, styles and shapes so you can instantly change your look just by wearing a different pair of jeans. From the casual style of light wash to the black skinny you can get away with wearing to the office, there is a pair of jeans for everyone and every occasion.

  1. For all

Everyone can wear jeans; they are a great leveller. While it may take you longer to find the right partner of perfection, there will be a pair for you. No matter whether you are short, tall, wide, curvy – there will be a style of jeans that make you look great.

  1. They are affordable

Another benefit of jeans is their price makes them accessible to everyone. A good pair does not have to cost the earth, even designer jeans can be affordable when you consider how long they will last.

  1. They are durable

A pair of quality jeans will last you for years and is one of the rare outfits that really can improve with age. It’s no coincidence that they started life as work clothing for workers. Denim is soft, strong and durable.

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