Yes – There Are Rules for Tucking in a T-Shirt

It used to be that men always tucked in their shirts. It didn’t matter if they were wearing a T-shirt, a polo shirt, or a formal button-down dress shirt. Shirts were always tucked in. These days, not so much. But if you are into tucking, there is good news: tucking in a T-shirt is suddenly a hot trend again.

Apparently, there are also rules for tucking in T-shirts. Get it wrong and you become the poster boy for a serious fashion faux pas. Get it right and you become the epitome of style. Which do you prefer?

Below are five rules borrowed from the Real Men Real Style website. They are not quoted verbatim, so you may want to read the original piece if you are interested in exactly what it says. Otherwise, this summation will do just fine. With that out of the way, here are the five rules:

1. Your T-Shirt Shouldn’t Be Tight

The first rule says that your T-shirt shouldn’t be too tight. Apparently, wearing a T-shirt that is too tight is already bad enough because it limits air circulation. But tucking it in makes a tight T-shirt even worse. Once you tuck the fabric, you no longer get any circulation at all.

In addition, a tight-fitting T-shirt shows every feature of your upper body. Unless you are in super fit shape, you may discover the tucking is unflattering. Tucking an excessively tight T-shirt could be downright humiliating.

2. No Images or Slogans

The second rule may seem a bit confusing at first glance, but it makes sense when you think about it. The rule is to not wear graphic T-shirts if you intend to tuck. That means no images or slogans. Why? According to the rule makers, you do not want your tucked in T-shirt to draw any undue attention.

Drawing attention is exactly what you would be doing if you wore a LatinX T-shirt from New York’s Plurawl brand. Doing so isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it apparently doesn’t work if you are tucking. The experts say that a tucked T-shirt should fade into the background rather than being in the foreground.

3. Wear a Jacket

From here on out, the rules get much simpler. Number three is to complement your tucked in T-shirt with a jacket. This is based on the layering idea. By adding a jacket, you are further diminishing your T-shirt. You are also presenting a more polished appearance that is generally seen as more stylish.

4. Choose an Appropriate Belt and Pants

As soon as you tuck in a shirt, you are giving the impression that you intend to be a bit more formal. That being the case, it doesn’t make sense to wear pants and a belt that don’t go with your T-shirt. The smart dresser coordinates all three. If you have a particular T-shirt in mind, be sure to choose an appropriate belt and pants to go with it. Obviously, you could work in the opposite direction.

5. Go for a Casual Look

Finally, the experts say you should go for a casual look when tucking in a T-shirt. Tucking is more formal than letting it all hang out, but not as formal as collared shirt and tie. You are essentially looking for that casual middle ground. The best part is that you can create a casual look without being uncomfortable.

Apparently, there are rules for tucking in a T-shirt. Now that you know those rules, you are all set to enter the brave new world of tucked T-shirts as outerwear. Good luck and Godspeed.

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