Fun Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Your wedding day is sure to be the most wonderful day of your life. However, it’s not the only day that you have to look forward to! There are other special times leading up to the big event, including your fun-filled bachelorette party.

As you are working with your girls to plan this event, you want to make every member of your party feel special. After all, these girls have been with you through thick and thin, and you want to celebrate them with more than just wedding gifts on your big day.

One of the best ways to make your bachelorette party memorable is by purchasing bridesmaid shirts for each member of your bridal team. By giving the shirts to your friends before your wedding day, they will have more opportunities to wear them. Bachelorette party shirts also help create fun photos as you parade around town in your coordinating apparel.

When you are choosing bridesmaid shirts, be sure to take into account the comfort level and preferences of your friends. Since women come in a variety of gorgeous shapes and sizes, you don’t have to go with a one style fits all solution for your bridal party.

Instead, you can stick with a theme, and choose bachelorette party shirts for each lady that best reflects her personal style. For instance, your maid of honor might prefer a more fitted shirt, while your cousin likes sporty, V-neck styles. Stick with the same color and/or logo, and the shirts will look coordinated even if they are not perfectly matching.

Another way that you can celebrate these special friends is by putting thought and effort into their bridesmaid gifts. Again, this is an area where you have to really think about what your girls like, love, and can’t stand.

Jewelry or other accessories that can be worn on the big day are always a popular choice. Choose something that coordinates well with your bridal party dresses, and try to stick with items that they will be able to wear again after the wedding.

Filling a custom bridesmaid tote with some of their favorite things lets them know how much you care. The tote can be used for library or shopping trips, and it also serves as packaging for the gift.

It’s fun to customize the tote’s contents with details that are specific to your wedding. If you are hosting a beach wedding, include a luxurious beach towel, sun hat, water bottle, and other sea-themed goodies. An upscale evening wedding tote can include monogrammed wine glasses and sparkly hair accessories.

Whether you are picking out bridesmaid shirts or creating a whole gift experience, your bridal party deserves to know how much you care. They have stood by you throughout your journey to marriage, and it’s wonderful to know that they will be standing right beside you on the happiest day of your life.

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