Perfect Shampooing Options for Your hair

Sulphate-free shampoos are gaining ground in our beauty departments. In the era of organic and environmental concerns in our bathrooms, the craze for this type of product is it really justified? What do we have to gain from switching to sulfate-free?

Sulphate free shampoo: what is it?

To understand the interest in sulfate-free shampoo, it is important to understand what this component is. It is actually a synthetic ingredient made from sulfur, lauric alcohol and petrolatum. There are dozens and dozens of variations of sulphate on the market, more or less soft. Those found in our classic shampoos are the most aggressive. This is sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

Sulphate free shampoo: the disadvantages

Sulphate has the advantage of lathering the shampoo and giving an impression of cleanliness once rinsed. We tend to think that the more foam, the better our hair is washed. Finally, the added sulphate in our shampoos allows us to buy them at the best price and to have the impression that they fulfill their role: cleaning. The presence of sulphate also makes the hair shiny and healthy. In the short term only… you can know more in .

Sulphate free shampoo: the benefits

And yet, the foam is not often pledge of cleanliness and even less quality. The sodium laureth sulfate and SLS mentioned above should be fled as much as possible. In the long term, these two molecules weaken the scalp by diminishing the natural keratin of the hair. Studies are currently underway to prove the causal link between alopecia and sulphates. More so, the sulfates would be absorbed by our body, causing often irreversible damage to certain organs, such as the liver. It is easy to understand that by removing the sulphate from our hair, we carry out a beauty and health gesture.

More specifically, use a sulfate-free organic shampoo will benefit those with dry hair. Sulphate has the bad habit of absorbing sebum from the scalp and thus drying it up. A process is that in some cases even leads to the formation of unsightly dandruff.

Sulfate-free shampoo: where to buy it

Exploding market, organic shampoos, natural and sulfate-free invade all beauty rays. It is therefore very easy to get them. Pharmacies and parapharmacies can advise you on the best shampoos to adopt. To switch to sulfate-free shampoo without breaking the bank (natural is often more expensive than synthetic), you can decrypt the labels of supermarket products. The Internet and its thousands of sites specializing in natural beauty are also a good opportunity to get sulphate-free shampoos.

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