Gold jewelry: some tips you should know

It is the gold one of the most widely used for metal design contemporary jewelry. Rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry that combine exclusive designs, high aesthetics with quality materials like gold are aimed at independent and charismatic women who care about their personal image because they know that is a key factor in their career success, these Gold jewelry is for women of the 21st century, women like you.

When you propose to acquire a gold jewelry you must take into account the qualities of this, which also helps you to determine if it has a fair price. If you want to buy gold, then you should check today gold rate in Mumbai before the purchase. For the sake of giving you that guidance you need when buying a gold jewelry I offer you through this article a series of tips, always wishing that these are of your maximum utility.

The Solid Gold

When we refer to solid gold, we are referring to any type of gold jewelry whose interior is not hollow. In these jewels, the carats mark refers expressly to the proportion of gold parts. For example, in Spain the so-called Gold of Law has 18k and corresponds to 750 thousandths of purity. Therefore any jewelry that you acquire must have the 750k mark.


The carats indicate the quality mark of the jewelry, more properly the purity of the gold in the jewelry.

The pure gold (24K) is a soft metal, and for the manufacture of jewelry Alloys of pure gold with other metals are normally used in order to improve their hardness and malleability. Just so you have a notion, 18 carat gold contains 3/4 parts of pure gold and 1/4 part of other metals. The higher purity logically higher is the price of the jewelry. That’s why in other countries 14k and 9k jewels are made. In this way gold jewelry is made although of less commercial value, lowering the purity of the gold. That’s why I recommend that when you buy a gold jewel, you can be sure of how much gold it is. Depending on the country where you are the legislation may be different, but the most common are 18k, 14k, 9k. If it is a serious jewelry, you will know for sure what your carats are, if you see that you doubt or it is not clear, I recommend that you do not trust much.

Gold plated or gold plated

The pieces with a gold plating are those made with a base metal, which was applied electrolytically (by immersion baths) a thin layer of gold .

The jewels can be plated or bathed in gold , but this thin layer of gold plated will disappear with the passage of time, adding as determinants to the deterioration of the piece the frequency of its use and care, as well as the thickness of the layer of the plated. These layers are usually several microns, depending on their grade of quality. However, for higher quality jewelery, gilt silver is used , which is that jewel whose base material is silver and is also plated with several microns of gold.

I hope that today’s article has been to your liking, and help you choose your jewelry in trusted sites, attended by professionals who know how to advise you and answer your questions. Without saying goodbye, inviting you before you socialize in the networks with your opinions and suggestions on the subject. A greeting!

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