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Teach your child to put on their shoes on their own, with velcro sneakers

The child from an early age likes to learn independence: he tries to eat alone, walk, and then get dressed and put on his shoes. Choosing the model of shoes, which you can wear independently, focus on sneakers with tears, which unlike complicated laces to tie, close in a flash! Discover all their advantages kids sports shoes.

The sneakers with tear are also ideal for a kindergarten child. Find out why and choose the right pair for your baby!

Sneakers with velcro: why are they worth buying for the child?

Velcro shoes are footwear that every child should have in their closet. They are useful both during outdoor games and in kindergarten or as a complement to the casual school outfit. Aside from the fact that they are easy to put on – that’s why children love to do it themselves – they also adapt to the width and fit of the child’s feet. What other benefits come from wearing them?

The rubber sole effectively prevents slipping when running or jumping and possesses the cushioning properties;

Thanks to the flexibility of the sole, the sneakers fold between the toes and the forefoot, thanks to this they are very comfortable;

They are made of materials such as cotton or jeans, which are breathable and resistant to humidity, thanks to which the baby’s feet do not sweat and do not slip in the shoes;

Their wide tip allows the free disposition of the fingers and their movements.

Velcro tennis shoes for children: ideal for kindergarten

In most kindergartens, the rule of changing shoes as soon as you arrive applies. While you are in a hurry to go to work, accompanying your child to kindergarten, it will be much faster to make him wear the velcro shoes, instead of loosening the laces which, in addition, unfastening could cause the child to fall. During the various games in kindergarten or the nap, the teachers often ask the children to remove their shoes, and if your child wears sneakers with rips and if he takes them off himself, he will feel like an adult among his peers. who still don’t know how to do it.

What to pay attention to when buying sneakers with rips for children?

the size must be right: shoes that are too small will cause the big toe to be crooked, and the second and third toes will acquire a hammer shape, instead shoes that are too large will cause it to trip;

the shoes must not be too heavy, because they would hinder and alter the natural way in which the child moves, and moreover he will tire more quickly.

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