Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

Are you thinking about the wonderful prospect of never having to pencil in your sparse eyebrows again? Microblading can offer you just that. However, if you are like most people, you may have many questions floating around in your mind about the procedure. Here are several frequently asked questions about microblading along with their definitive answers, from the best microblading Long Island NY.

What Does Microblading Involve?

Don’t be confused by the name. There is no blade or cutting involved in the microblading process. Quite simply, microblading is tiny, manually-applied tattoos on the eyebrow area, which resemble eyebrow hairs.

What’s the Point?

Women often use makeup to fill in gaps and add color to their existing eyebrows. In addition to this, eyebrows typically thin with age. Some women are tired of having to use makeup to accent their eyebrows. Microblading adds color and definition to your brows without the use of makeup.

Is Microblading Painful?

Although numbing cream is used during the procedure, you will feel a certain level of pain or discomfort. It should not hurt as much as a typical tattoo would, because of the cream. If you have ever threaded your eyebrows, it may feel fairly similar to that. However, you should be aware that the procedure typically takes upward of two hours to complete.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Although microblading is technically a tattoo, it is semi-permanent. This is good news if you are someone who is sitting on the fence about the procedure. You can expect your microbladed eyebrows to last between six and 18 months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting your eyebrows microbladed is not cheap. You should expect to pay anywhere from $500 on the low end to $1000 for a master specialist.

Final Thought

You may be wondering if getting this procedure done is really worth it. For many people, the answer is yes. Waking up in the morning, walking over to the mirror, and seeing defined brows that flatter your face is a great self-esteem booster.


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