How to Trailer a Horse Safely

Traveling with your horse is necessary if you want to explore trail riding or compete in shows. Hauling needs to happen safely to protect yourself and your horse from any injuries.

Use Protective Hoof Coverings

Without¬†equine protective hoof boots, your horse may stumble and cause the shoe to loosen during travel. This can cause the nails that hold the shoe on to dig into the delicate bottom of your horse’s hoof. A horse can also damage the coronet band, which is a band of tissue where new hoof growth starts. Damage to this area can cause hoof problems for years.

Have an Equine First Aid Kit Available

Equip your trailer with a first aid kit, but make sure you know how to use all of the items before an emergency happens. Ask your vet to train you how to wrap a hurt leg, administer medicine or take a temperature.

Inspect the Hitch and Trailer

Before you go on a trip, take the time to check for wear or damage around the hitch and throughout the trailer. Inspect the wheels, brakes, wiring and hitch. Have a professional inspect it yearly to ensure it’s safe.

Use Quick-Release Items

The horse needs to be secured inside the trailer. To prevent injuries to your horse or damage to your trailer use a loop of bailing twine or other quick-release devices. Don’t use a chain shank, which can get wrapped around your horse’s legs.

Keep Yourself Protected

When you are in the trailer with your horse, make sure you have a quick exit available at all times and wear your helmet. Never get yourself trapped between your horse and a wall. Training your horse to load and unload quietly can be an important training session to consider.

With the proper preparation, you can enjoy a variety of experiences with your horse by your side as you travel the roadways safely.


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