What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Whether you are reading a book on a mobile device or use a computer for work tasks, you may develop computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is an eye condition where a person experiences any symptoms that hinders their vision. Common symptoms of CVS include red eyes, eye strain and blurred vision.

If You Are Under 40 Years Old

If you are younger than 40 years old, you can develop CVS. If you notice blurred vision or eye strain while working on your computer, you may have this medical issue. These symptoms may occur because your eyes’ inability to focus accurately and correctly for a long period of time. You may notice that your vision doesn’t adapt well when you look from your screen to your keyboard.

If you Are Over 40 Years Old

You can develop CVS too if you are older than 40 years old. Some people who are over 40 years old develop presbyopia. This medical condition occurs over time and because of growing older. It is a normal inability for your eyes to focus. Presbyopia can lead to CVS too.

How to Determine if You have CVS

The only way to really know if you have this eye condition is to undergo a comprehensive eye examination. The examination will rule out any vision issues. The eye doctor will also update any eyeglass prescription.

If your prescription is current, but you’re still experiencing vision problems when looking at a computer screen, your eye doctor may prescribe some computer glasses. These glasses are for one special purpose, to look at a computer screen. While wearing glasses designed for looking at computer screens, your eye strain is reduced. Also, you have the best vision possible while looking at your computer screen.

Glasses for looking at computer screens are not the same as regular prescription eyeglasses Computer eyeglasses optimize your vision for looking at the computer screen. You see, computer screens are typically positioned about 26 inches from your eyes. This area is called the intermediate zone. It is closer than distance needed for driver. However, it is too far to be considered near vision.

Prescription eyeglasses correct your vision. For example, you may be nearsighted, farsighted and/or suffer from astigmatism. Computer eyeglasses do not correct your vision. Instead, they enhance the screen so that your eyes do not strain to read or view images. Computer eyeglasses work to correct your vision (if you need vision correction) while optimizing the computer screen to reduced CVS symptoms.

Resist the Temptation to Buy Readers Instead of Glasses for Computer Use

It’s an easy choice to make, but it will hurt your eyes. You see the over-the-counter reading glasses and decide to buy them for looking on a computer screen. You may make your vision worse. Although over-the-counter readers are available, they won’t help you avoid CVS. It’s important to contact an eye doctor to determine if you have CVS and determine the next step and how to purchase proper glasses.

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