What you can consider when buying a 5 carat diamond?

The majority of the experts in the diamond industry would recommend only considering 5 carat diamonds with an excellent grade or ideal cut on the GIA scale. Be sure to buy the stone from a very prominent diamond dealer that will offer a GIA or AGS certification with every diamond. Diamonds with the same carat weight differ when it comes to beauty and appearance. If you are considering a 5 carat diamond below is some information that you need to know.

A 5 carat diamond does not differ in size

When in the talks of a 5 carat diamond, The thing being looked at is the weight and not the size. To make it easy, a paperclip and thumbtacks would weigh around 1 gram each. The majority of the people would often get confused between the weight and the size. It is very important in providing this distinction before getting into other details on 5 carat diamonds.

Getting a 5 carat diamond ring is so extravagant to really inform the world that you mean business. This means no more waiting in line. Getting A class service everywhere you go. This bad boy opens doors. A rock with that size is sure to be noticed everywhere you go. This means stares from friends, coworkers, and even strangers on the street. This also means that you need to tip even bigger.

5 carats are more affordable compared to 6 carats

If you compare 5 carats to 6 carats diamond the price is extremely different. The prices of diamonds continue to increase and are drastically the same at the full-carat mark. So in context, a 5 carat diamond ring will be more affordable than a 6 carat. Also when shopping for fancy shapes, lower clarity grades and color grades will surely widen your choices if size really matters for you.

When hard times come

All 10 fingers crossed that you won’t be placed in this position to bid farewell with your gem. But if times really get rough and you would need some quick cash, owning a rock with that size can surely keep things afloat for you.

There are so many stores to buy a 5 carat diamond ring. But buying a 5 carat diamond ring from Miss Diamond Ring is a sure deal. You can ensure that the cut and weight are accurate. They also provide a wide range of selections for you to choose from. They target to provide the best service to everyone that comes into their store. So before you buy your 5 carat diamond ring. Be sure to go through stores to compare and assess. It is also best to get recommendations from people that already have experience in buying. This will save you time and give you insurance that you are getting what you paid for.

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