Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

There’s an enormous amount of time and energy that goes into searching and selecting that one special dream gown. The choices are vast and varied which can seem overwhelming. You may have dreamt of this moment all your life or you may be nagged by family to hurry up and make a decision, but the process for finding your perfect wedding dress does not have to be all stress, it can be a whole lot of fun too. On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you and it is important to choose a dress that is comfortable, flattering to your figure, and reflects your personal style. Because this is the most important and expensive dress you probably will ever purchase, it is important not to let anyone rush you or guide you into a decision you are unsure of. Below we will cover different types of dresses and ways to narrow down your choices to get the dress that is the right fit for your body type.

The Ball Gown

This is the Cinderella dress that most girls fantasize about, and one of the more traditional and timeless silhouettes. This style of dress has a fitted torso that accentuates the waist line, and then bells out at the bottom creating a floating like motion when walking down the aisle and dancing. All body types benefit from the shape and structure of this dress, but it can specifically help balance out a full bust line or create curves for the straighter body type.

The Sheath

This style dress fits the figure like a slip which does not flare out at all, and molds to natural curves. The long and straight lines can aid in adding length for petite ladies and is a perfect fit for lots of curves. This would be a great choice for someone that prefers less embellishments, or a more informal or Modest White Dress. Avoid this dress if you are pear shaped because, it will ultimately accentuate your bottom.

The Mermaid

Its silhouette is an amazing gown with a tapered bodice and flared out shirt, which is perfect for an hourglass figure as it enhances and elongates all your curves. Also called the trumpet style, this dress is dramatic and glamorous. It can be an amazing choice for ladies with a straighter figure as well, because the shape and cut of the dress will help amplify the bust and hips. This is a style to avoid if you do not like form fitting clothing.

A-Line Gown

These are the most popular of all gowns because they are great for every body type. The cut of the dress is neither bottom heavy nor top heavy which creates balance, but because it is shaped like the letter A, it will tend to be narrower towards the top, making this a better choice for pear shapes. Also, this is a good place to start if you are unsure what type of dress you want or like.

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